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 “For it’s not what you look at that matters but what you see” Thoreau

Architectural integrity is our primary objective with all of our specialties. Many of our mirrors are built with the intention of standing alone as an estate piece. Others may be integrated into a more comprehensive design scheme such as a Boiserie room where a mirror may be a feature of the concept. The examples shown here reveal a range of possibilities with respect to scale, application, finish and motif. The possibilities are vast.  We can reproduce any of these designs shown or use them to influence your custom piece. As a general rule, any framed mirror that can be crated, transported and handled can be made in our workshop and installed on location. This allows the end user the ability to remove it in the future if desired. We have built many large scale pieces on-site as well where the pieces was just too massive to produce any other way.

Custom Mirror Designs

Colossal mirror 12'w x 20'h with 9 panels of mirror

Colossal Mirror 12’0″w x 20’0″h custom designed and hand fabricated on-site due to the massive scale. 9 separate pieces of mirror with a rosette at each intersection. Hand glazed finish as part of this Grande interior.

Mirror Screen 8'0"h x 16'0"l with silver leaf

6-Panel Mirror Screen in master bathroom. 8’0″h x 16’0″ long with silver leaf finish. It serves as the vanity mirror as well as a full length mirror and a spectacular feature in this elegant bathroom.

Silver Leaf Mirror

 Decorative Mirror 54″h x 66″ with  silver leaf finish. Original design, fabricated and finished by hand

Custom Mirror and mantel with pearlescent finish in master bedroom

Custom designed and hand fabricated mirror and mantel. Pearlescent finish on both pieces as one continuous feature in this romantic master bedroom

Custom Dining Room Mirror 6'6"w x 12'h. Walls are finished in a deep wine glaze

Dining Room Mirror with antiqued glass 6’6″w x 12’0″h. Finished in a soft parchment glaze. Walls are faux parchment glazed I a deep wine palette.

Bathroom vanity mirror

Master Bathroom Vanity Mirror. There are two facing vanity cabinets at each end of this space. We modified existing mirrors on-site with the frame concept as you see. The reflection has an infinity effect and really exaggerates the arches and vaults for a very dramatic space.

Custom Dining Room Mirror as part of Boiserie Room

Original Design Boiserie Dining Room with Custom mirror integrated into the design. 6′ tall human helps get a sense of the scale in this dramatic space.