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As a Master Faux Finisher, we can produce many varieties of exquisite Faux Wood, Faux Marble and Semi Precious Stones i.e.; Lapis, Malachite, Faux Tortoise and other exotics. We also work in Metal Leafing as well as many other types of painted finishes for furniture and interiors.

Our approach to Faux Finishing is drawn from history. It is an effect when well executed can deceive even the most discerning eye. We still use old school methods and have not succumb to the commercial approach to fine faux finishing.

Principal artist, Kenneth Salowe, established Wonderfaux Walls, Inc. In 1984 as a trailblazer in the all but forgotten art of faux painting and maintains an outstanding reputation as a master faux artist. “I did not know of anyone who did this type of work back then and wanted “faux” to be in the company name for obvious identity reasons. As time went on we evolved into so many areas of decorative art and architecture, the “faux” in Wonderfaux became much less than the impression of our capabilities, thus K. Salowe & Co. was born.”

Faux and Distinctive Painted Finishes

Faux Walnut and Burled Walnut Finish on this Custom TV Credenza with Mechanical TV lift

Hallway with multiple faux finishes including Brescia marble, jade marble, inlaid malachite, lapis with silver leaf dome ceiling 

Original design and installation of the stringer and panels on this Grande Staircase as well as the Faux Walnut finish

Home Library with multiple faux finishes

Custom Niche design with Faux Walnut and Burled Walnut panels