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“For it’s not what you look at that matters but what you see” Thoreau

Architectural integrity is our primary objective. Mirrors and Mantles do not always exist in the same space or vignette but often they do, so we are showing the context of both in this section. The examples shown here reveal a range of possibilities with respect to scale, application, finish and motif. The possibilities are without limit. There are mirrors on this site integrated into other design schemes which are not shown on this page. We can reproduce any of these designs shown or use them to influence your custom piece.

As a general rule, any framed mirror that can be crated, transported and handled can be made in our workshop. This allows the end user the ability to remove it at anytime as with any artifact of value. We have designed and built many mantles from scratch as well as modify existing mantles from blah to blow your mind!

We have built many large scale pieces on-site as well where the desired result was just too massive to produce any other way.

Colossal Mirror 144″ w x 240″h

French Mantle (72″ w x 48″ h), Original Design with Faux Marble Finish.



Large Mantle (144″ w x 108″ h) inlaid relief pieces finished in faux white marble. Surrounding area in faux cherry.

Mirror Screen Original Design (15’l x 8’h) with Silver Leaf finish.




To the right Grande Mirror (80″ w x 168″h) above a custom Mantle 84″ w x 54″ h with faux marble finish.