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trompe l’oeil (tronp lo’y) {fr. lit., trick of the eye} 1. a painting etc. that creates such a strong illusion of reality that the viewer on first sight is in doubt that the thing depicted is real or a representation

Hand Painted Artwork integrated into all types of Architectural Interiors and furniture. Traditional Trompe l’Oeil can be painted on canvas and installed on location or can be directly painted on-site. Oil and Acrylic Paintings on canvas as well. So many possibilities.

Trompe l’Oeil and Fine Art

Hand painted Oil on Canvas 20″ x 24″ by Kenneth Salowe

Oil and Acrylic on plaster, Hand Painted in private residence on site in Jerusalem

Oil and Acrylic Triptych on canvas 120″ w x96″h set into Boiserie panels as part of Dining Room concept

Celestial Ceiling   Oil and Acrylic on canvas 120″ w 132″h hand painted in our workshop and installed on site in library of private residence