Anatomy of a Fireplace

  Mantel (n) “shelf that projects from a wall above a fireplace” Mantle (n) “a cloak or a symbol of authority” We build many different styles of custom fireplace mantels for our clients. Most are one-of-a-kind and built from scratch and some are modified from an existing surround-feature that is less [...]

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Barn Doors

Recently we were asked to design a large barn door to separate a new custom kitchen from a butlers pantry and utility area. The space was mostly contemporary with eclectic touches and some historic character. The owner found a reference photo showing a pair of old doors similar to our finished result. The practical difference [...]

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Library Ceiling

The image above is of an 8 foot section of a ceiling cove. The vertical face is 28" along the circumference while the total linear dimension is 56 feet around the entire room. It was custom designed, fabricated and finished by hand on site in Palm Beach, Florida. The home is an historic estate in [...]

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